Pastor, have you discovered the power of churches working together?

Discover the Power of Churches Working Together–that’s our motto at GBBA; but why?  It’s because we’re totally convinced that great things happen when God’s people work together. Before coming to GBBA I served as the pastor of a great church in New Hampshire. A few years ago, we decided to build a major addition on our building. Our timing was terrible! We began this expensive project in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression!

When we tallied-up the amount of money our people were able to give, it was only half of what we needed. Suddenly our little church in New Hampshire had come face-to-face with an impossible task–a building project way too big for us. I went home that day and wept. I prayed, “Oh, God, unless You do something, we won’t be able to build! God was about to teach me one of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in ministry: I was about to discover the power of churches working together.

The Baptist Convention of New England gave us a no-hassle, low-interest construction loan. The New Hampshire Baptist Association, put us in contact with an extensive network of volunteer construction workers. That summer, an army of skilled carpenters and eager workers showed up. Wave after wave they came: framers from Alabama, roofers from Maryland and painters from Massachusetts. Not only did they labor free-of-charge, they even gave thousands of dollars to help pay for building materials! By the end of that summer, our “impossible” building was standing tall. It would take our own members another year to finish-out the interior, but we could handle that part on our own.

Here’s my point: Because Southern Baptist churches worked together, what was mission impossible became mission accomplished.

That is the power of churches working together. When we work together we can help one another accomplish what is impossible for us to do by ourselves. And, pastors, that is precisely why our association exists!


  The final product: Nashua Baptist Church, NH

The final product: Nashua Baptist Church, NH