Preaching About Christmas

The birth of Jesus is such a monumentally important event that years ago I began devoting the entire month of December to preaching about Christmas. I loved doing it, but after a few years of developing ideas for sermon series, it became increasingly difficult to not rehash what I had already preached! I’m pretty sure that every pastor faces a similar challenge: How can we present the familiar story of Christmas in a fresh and interesting way when we retell the same story to the same people year after year?

Frankly, it isn’t easy. But then, preaching is never easy. Even so, every year, as I sat down in my study and began to plan a new Christmas series, the Lord always helped me to focus on the wonder-filled story of Jesus’ birth in a fresh and creative way.

Over the years, I have enjoyed all of the Christmas series I have preached, but my favorite series is Christmas According to Matthew. I have uploaded that series on our GBBA website. Pastor, if you are looking for some fresh preaching ideas for Advent, feel free to take and adapt these sermons for your own use. You can find them under the Pastor’s Toolbox tab. Or, just click here.

Pastor, this Christmas season may God empower you to preach the wonder-filled message of the birth of Jesus in a fresh and powerful way!