Boston International Ministries

Boston, MA: The World at Our Door

Boston has long been called the "Athens of America" as the center of learning with its many colleges and universities. Boston is also home to some great medical and financial institutions and as such attracts thousands of international businesspeople and visitors every year. So, whether in Chinatown, the Financial District, Little Italy or Harvard Square, it is obvious that the world is at our door.


Boston International Ministries (BIM) exists to meet the needs of international businesspeople, students, scholars and visitors in Greater Boston.  Thousands of internationals come to Boston each year to work, visit or study. BIM works to create lasting friendships between American citizens and these strategic visitors from around the world. All of us can do our part to reach across culture to help others and in the process make a friend for life. BIM desires to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those who have come to visit Greater Boston. In addition, we have a world-wide network of colleagues to continue service as our new friends move on or return home to their families and next place of work.




Whether you are here as an international student, scholar or for business, we are here to assist you.  Please review our services and contact us below if you would like to participate in any way.

English:  Conversational classes and one-one-one tutoring sessions are available for those wishing to improve existing English skills and acquire new ones.  There are also social functions that are fun and an opportunity to practice English in an informal atmosphere.

Cultural Exchange:  We'll share American customs to help you feel more comfortable in any situation.

Area Events & Social Outings:  Boston and New England boast a variety of cultural events that will give you an idea of not only the cultural diversity in this area, but the history as well.

"Welcome to New England" Events:  These include tours of the area, information about holidays, and celebrations that fit each season.

Discussion Groups:  Groups are designed to answer spiritual questions including the current and historical practice of Christianity, understanding the Bible and how faith influenced the origin of early America in Boston.

Hospitality & Friendship:  We provide opportunities to meet American families with the potential to develop genuine friendships, usually around holidays.



We always welcome those who desire to partner, support or volunteer with Boston International Ministries.  


If you have questions, needs or want more information, please contact Michael Dean, BIM Director for Greater Boston Baptist Association at 781.449.4000 x203 or