The GBBA provides a 12 passenger Ford Transit Van as a great resource for churches, missions and church plants to use for transporting groups of people. The van costs $50/day or $300/week to rent.  A security deposit of $100 is required before the van can go out. Reservations are required. To reserve the van, fill out the request form below and read and sign the Van Use Policies.   


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* GBBA Van Use Policies

We are grateful to be able to provide this valuable ministry tool to our churches. Please treat this vehicle with respect. Everyone’s cooperation is needed to keep this resource in good shape for many years to come. These policies have been established to avoid injury to passengers and/or damage to the van. Before a driver may use the GBBA van, these policies must be carefully read and signed.

1.   Drivers must be over 25 years of age and have a valid regular Class D driver's license.

2.   The van is available at no cost to NAMB personnel for Send Boston events including but not limited to Catch the Vision Tours (CVT).   Scheduled CVT dates will be submitted each year in January and take precedence over other requests if there is a conflict. Usually CTV’s are held in April, June, and September, however other CTV’s come up during the year. NAMB will submit requests for those dates as needed. However, no priority can be guaranteed to NAMB for events not scheduled in January. 

3.   Other than the above exceptions requests for the use of the van will be honored on a first-come, first-serve basis. GBBA may use its discretion to ensure that no group monopolizes the use of GBBA van. It is recommended to reserve the van at least two weeks prior to the actual date of intended use.

4.   This van is intended to transport groups. There must be a minimum of 6 passengers to reserve the GBBA van.

5.   Drivers must drive responsibly at all times and follow all traffic regulations, including the speed limit. Vans, especially when loaded with passengers and cargo, are particularly susceptible to rollover if sharp turns are made at excessive speed.

6.   Drivers must sign out the key prior to their scheduled use of the van. Please note that the GBBA office is not open on Fridays and weekends. 

7.    Please notify GBBA office of any maintenance problems before driving the vehicle.

8.   The fees for the van are $50/day and $300/week.  A security deposit of $100 must be given before the release of the vehicle.

9.   It is the driver's responsibility to return the vehicle with a full fuel tank of gas.

10.   Please return the vehicle clean. Remove trash and belongings from interior, vacuum if needed, and wash the exterior if it is dirty. Churches who return the van dirty or without a full tank of gas will forfeit the security deposit and/or future use of the vehicle.

11.   Report any maintenance needs and/or accidents/damage immediately to the GBBA Administrator.

12.   Return all keys and Vehicle Usage/Maintenance Forms to the GBBA office. If returning the vehicle on weekends or after hours, please leave the keys in the outdoor lock box.

13.   Young children must ride in child safety seats as required by state/federal regulations.

14.   All passengers must be seated and in their seat belts at all times while vehicle is moving. There may not be more passengers in the vehicle than the number of seat belts in the vehicle.

15.   Without exception, drivers must not answer, talk or text on their cell phones while operating the vehicle.

16.   Use of the van for personal purposes is prohibited. The seats may not be removed. Likewise, use of the van for hauling building supplies, folding tables and chairs, etc., is prohibited. In the rear of the van there is some space for hauling luggage and small cargo items.