GBBA Ministry Funds and Grants

The purpose of the GBBA Funds is to partner with local churches to further their missions and ministries. Ministry grants may be awarded as matching funds for up to $1000, using the following criteria:

  • Funds for church outreach program(s) that address community needs
  • Funds for a church event that is geared to community outreach and evangelism, such as VBS, block parties, etc.

The Administrative Leadership Team will review the applications at their bi-monthly meetings and will make awards as funds are available and applications meet the criteria and requirements.


  1. A member of the Greater Boston Baptist Association
  2. Completion of the GBBA Ministry Funds Application
  3. Current in annual giving to the Association

Additional Information:

  1. Churches can request up to $1,000 in a year and can be done through multiple requests.
  2. When completing application, please include how much your church is budgeting for the requested event. Also, if you have done this event in the past please provide information about your budget and actual costs. Please let us know how this event or emergency request will impact your church. 
  3. If the Ministry Funds Grant is awarded you will be required to complete a follow up report so that we can have a record of how the funds were spent. If the funds were used for an event, we would like to get some pictures of the event for our records and for telling the story of how these funds are being used to expand the Kingdom in Greater Boston.