Pray for our Association


Thank you for visiting our Prayer Page. This page is designed to be informative but very interactive and a way for us to know how we can pray corporately for our Association as well as for our local churches. Each Friday, this page will be updated with ways that you can be in prayer for the Greater Boston Baptist Association as well as ways that you and your church can be praying for other local churches in our Association. We invite you to submit a prayer request at the bottom of this page so that we can be praying for your church and their needs. Please share with us how God answered your prayers.

I will answer God’s call to fall on my knees in humility
& to seek his face in repentance,
so that he may forgive my sins and heal our land.

Pray for the Staff of GBBA

Sam Taylor, Director of Missions
Eileen Fullerton, Administrative Support
Sandy Coelho, Lay Leadership Development
Michael Dean, International Ministries
Chris James, Collegiate Ministries
Joe Souza, Church Planting Catalyst

Weekly Focus

Pray for Pastor Henry Mak. He recently resigned as Pastor of the Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston to take care of his wife. 


Prayer Requests from 06/2016 Pipeline:

  • Thank you for praying for Elizabeth Biswas, the wife of Pastor Paul Biswas.  Please continue to pray for her as she is at home recovering.

  • Please continue to pray for Pastor Dick May. He has been diagnosed with bone cancer. 

  • Thank you for praying for our GBBA Semiannual Meeting.  One of our Pastors wrote: "Thanks a ton for organizing the semi-annual meeting earlier this week. What a great time to fellowship and celebrate what God has done!"

  • Praise God for the answer to prayer for First Baptist Duxbury.  They have called a new Senior Pastor and he has accepted the call!

  • Pray for South Shore Baptist Church as they search for their Senior Pastor and an Associate Pastor.

  • Pray for North Shore Baptist Church as they search for their Pastor.    

Prayer for our Local Churches

Please submit your prayer requests and answers to prayers here.