The heartbeat of Greater Boston Baptist Association is Missions.

We help our churches with their mission projects in several ways: 

  • Through partnerships we can find identify different needs and resources. The forms below can be used to request a mission team to support your ministry, or to request a place to send your mission team.
  • We can let our churches know when a church in the Association has a special need or project. The information is on our Local Church Mission Projects page.


Is your church ready to do a short-term mission project but not ready to go outside the state or country? Is there a Sunday School class or ministry group in your church that is very mission minded and would like to get involved in a vital project? Fill out one of the forms below and we can provide you with more information and/or connect you with other churches and ministries in our networks. 



Does your church need help from a Volunteer Mission Team? Let us know by filling out the Request Team Form.

Be a Volunteer Team/Project

Is your church interested in bringing a volunteer team to Boston? Let us know by filling out the Volunteer Team/Project Form.